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How EasyOrg Can Help You

Emacs Org mode Made Easy

EasyOrg is compatible and comes with many of the functionalities provided by Emacs Org mode, but with more user friendliness. Both Editor and Agenda provided.

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Write free-form text notes. Todos with schedules and deadlines. Lists, links and more. Prioritize and track what you need to do in a powerful Agenda. All based on text files.


All your data are stored locally on your computer. We don't store it or transfer it to servers.

Future proof

Future proof

As your data are stored in normal text files you can read and edit it with any text editor you like, today and in the future. You don't depend on us or anyone else still being around. No need to pay a subscription for the rest of your life to access your data.

Sync and Backup

You can sync your data with other devices and the cloud by using a service of your choice such as GitHub, Dropbox, WebDAV, NextCloud etc. It's just text files.

EasyOrg Syncronization
Support all devices

Any device

You can run EasyOrg on Mac, Linux and Windows. If you want to read and edit your files and get notifications on your phone then you can use Orgzly (Android) or beorg (iOS). Or any Android/iOS editor you like.

The Software

Editor + Agenda

EasyOrg Org mode Agenda screenshot

Editor + Preview

EasyOrg Org mode Editor preview screenshot

How To Get Started

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If you want to give EasyOrg a test drive, simply provide your email address and you will be able to download the Full trial version. This license expires after 14-days. The features are the same as the Paid version.

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To continue using the app after the Trial period and get updates with the latest features and functionality you will need to buy a license for the Paid version. Just select the 'Buy & Download' button below.

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