EasyOrg Features

EasyOrg is one of the best solutions out there for Personal Project Management.


Schedules, Deadlines and Priorities

Know when to work on what and keep track of your deadlines and priorities. Automatic logging when you create and finish your tasks.


Custom Agenda Views

In addition to presets, which show your Todos organized by priority and importance or by day, you can easily create your own custom agendas. Save your custom Agenda search criterias and quickly show again with the click of a button.


Find in Files throughout the File System

Quickly find anything anywhere on your file system. Search within org-files and text-files. Bring order to your file system. Fast search based on ripgrep.



Simplify your Time, Billing and Cost Tracking. Quickly Add and Multiply items such as rows and org-properties. An easier way to handle Clocking and Timesheets.


Personal Knowledge Management

Build your own Personal Knowledge Management system. Link within and between files as well as external resources. Tag your Todo items for easier categorization and finding what you are looking for.


Spreadsheets and In-Note Calculations

Easily perform calculations in Org tables using formulas. Variables are supported too. Mix notes with calculations for better thinking and clarity.


Bring Order

Don't spread out your notes and tasks left and right in the cloud. Keep it on your file system with all the rest of your data. Keeping all your files and data on your file system makes it easy to find, easy to backup and easy to sync with your other machines.


Emacs is powerful, but sometimes you just need to get going with what really matters. If you prefer doing what you are supposed to do instead of configuring and learning Emacs then EasyOrg is here for you.



We are not Open-Source, but we are Open. Open org syntax. Regular text files. All files stored on your machine.

Plan and Organize

The EasyOrg Agenda views gives you the clarity and focus you need to start ticking off your Todo list.

Agenda view

The agenda view gives you a structure overview of what is most important to do right now.

Calendar view

See the tasks in a calendar for easy planning of your week ahead.

Table view

Line up your headers/todos in a table for easy sorting and filtering. You can also perform basic calculations.

Agenda view Calendar view List view Table view
Task with tags Task with priority Task with state

Give structure to your Textfiles

Assign parameters to your tasks to allow for filtering and organized viewing.


Add tags to your tasks to help categorize.


Move tasks between states. TODO, NEXT, CANCELED, DONE. Define your own.


Assign priorities to your tasks. Configure your priority levels.

Todos with Notes and Notes with Todos

Org and EasyOrg is flexible enough to allow for both note taking and tasks management. You can write notes with random tasks within. Or you can write a document with only tasks; containing long text notes if you want. Or a mix of both.

Take Notes

Write formatted Notes with plenty of Todos.

Write Todos

Write Todos with plenty of free form, styled text.


Spice up your texts with styling such as Bold, Italic, Underlined, tables, lists etc.

Note with todos Todo with lots of text Todo with formatting
Done todo with scheduling Todo with effort Todo with created at timestamp

Time and Date

When working on todos, time is often everything. EasyOrg helps you manage time and date related to your tasks. Even regular notes can be timestamped such as meeting notes for easy reference.

Scheduling, deadlines and closed timestamps

EasyOrg allows you to schedule a date when you want to work on a task, add deadlines to a task and set the time when a task was marked as DONE.


You can assign an Effort estimate to a task and the Agenda view let's you easily select a task based on an effort level.

Created At

When you create a new Todo, a Created at timestamp is stored with it for future reference.

Find your data

With EasyOrg your data is easily accessible. Even if your notes are a mess.

Search and Filter

You can use flexible search queries. Combine text, date, tag, priority and state search in one go to create your own custom views.


In the EasyOrg agendas you can sort your data on most parameters available.

Familiar Editor Search

If the Agenda search is not enough you can do a plain text search using the text editor. Regex supported!

Search Org Agenda Sort Org Agenda Regex search in org editor
Checkbox list in todo Org mode Outline Folding By Heading sub project


Perform spreadsheet like calculations in Org tables by using formulas in table cells. Or use the Table view to do calculations on your PROPERTIES values.

Table view calculations

Make basic calculations on your PROPERTIES values from the Table view. Each property will get it's own column. Multiply and add them as you wish.

Spreadsheet formulas

Use a regular Org table as a spreadsheet. Insert your formulas in your table. You can use '+', '-', '*', '/', '^' as well as vmean, vsum, vmin, vmax functions.

Spreadsheet results

The formula results are shown in the Preview/Agenda.

Ease of Use

Compared to using a plain textfile in an editor, EasyOrg gives you some additional supoer powers and ease of use additions.

Graphical User Interface

An easy to use graphical interface makes it easy to create tasks, add scheduling timestamps as well as tags and priorities according to the defined pre-sets. Formatting can be done by the click of a button in case you have forgotten the syntax.

Context Menus

Use the context menus to quickly perform actions and updates.

Scheduling via Calendar

The Calendar view helps you visualize the most important tasks at hand as well as browse the history in an easy and intuitive way.

Add todo GUI Context menu Calendar navigation
Internal Links External Links History navigation


Navigating within and between documents is an important functionality which simplifies the overall workflow.

Internal Links

You can create links and link targets to link and jump within a document.

External Links

Org and EasyOrg also supports linking to external documents as well as web sites.

Navigation history

EasyOrg saves your last visited Todos in a document so that you can easily jump back and forth between them.


EasyOrg offers flexibility and simplicity over many other task and project management solutions.

Text Editor

Get the flexibility of a full blown text editor when needed.

Flexible Sync

Use the sync solution you are already using. Be it Dropbox, pCloud, iCloud, Syncthing or any other solution. Get file versioning for free, provided by the aforementioned solutions.

Flexible Backup

Always have your data safe by utilizing the backup solution you are already using on your computer. Ne special setup needed.

Org mode Editor
Browse Calendar history Archive Statistics

Progress and Accountability

Keeping score of your progress, reference past activity history and archive. It's all easy with EasyOrg.

Activity History

You can check the past history by browsing backwords in the Calendar view. All DONE and other scheduled tasks will be visible to you by date.


Keep a record of what has been done. Easily searchable and sortable.


EasyOrg gives you basic statistics at a glance so you get a feel for your progress on a daily basis.

Sub Tasks

You can organize your tasks and related sub-tasks in several ways using EasyOrg.

Sub headings and Outliner

You can nest tasks below headings and other tasks. The editor's outlining tools helps you navigate the different levels within the text file.

By Heading Agenda view

The By Heading agenda views helps you track sub tasks.


You can also use traditional checkboxes to handle smaller tasks within a regular task.

Org mode Outline Folding By Heading sub project Checkbox list in todo