EasyOrg Features

EasyOrg is one of the best solutions out there for Personal Project Management.


Schedules, Deadlines and Priorities

Know when to work on what and keep track of your deadlines and priorities. Automatic logging when you create and finish your tasks.


Custom Agenda Views

In addition to presets, which show your Todos organized by priority and importance or by day, you can easily create your own custom agendas. Save your custom Agenda search criterias and quickly show again with the click of a button.


Find in Files throughout the File System

Quickly find anything anywhere on your file system. Search within org-files and text-files. Bring order to your file system. Fast search based on ripgrep.



Simplify your Time, Billing and Cost Tracking. Quickly Add and Multiply items such as rows and org-properties. An easier way to handle Clocking and Timesheets.


Personal Knowledge Management / Linking

Build your own Personal Knowledge Management system. Link within and between files as well as external resources. Tag your Todo items for easier categorization and finding what you are looking for.


Spreadsheets and In-Note Calculations

Easily perform calculations in Org tables using formulas. Variables are supported too. Mix notes with calculations for better thinking and clarity.


Organize with Tags and Properties

Tagging is a good way to get organized and EasyOrg also supports tag inheritance. If tagging is not enough then you can use custom properties. The tags and properties are searchable.


Autosave and File Versioning

To make sure your data is always saved, EasyOrg can autosave it for you. Did you prefer the old version of what you wrote, then take a peek in the File History which will also show a diff between each version.


Bring Order

Don't spread out your notes and tasks left and right in the cloud. Keep it on your file system with all the rest of your data. Keeping all your files and data on your file system makes it easy to find, easy to backup and easy to sync with your other machines.


Emacs is powerful, but sometimes you just need to get going with what really matters. If you prefer doing what you are supposed to do instead of configuring and learning Emacs then EasyOrg is here for you.



We are not Open-Source, but we are Open. Open org syntax. Regular text files. All files stored on your machine.