Getting Started


EasyOrg runs on MacOS, Linux and Windows. You first need to download the software for your OS. If you already have a license, please check your email inbox for the download link and license key. You can buy or download the trial version by going to the purchase page.


Once downloaded the dmg-file, drag the EasyOrg application file to the application drawer to install it.


Once downloaded, double-click on the file to run.

Alternatively you can install EasyOrg from the Microsoft App Store.


You can download the AppImage or install via the Snap store.


Once downloaded, move the AppImage file to where you want to keep it, for example /home/myname/bin.

Make the file executable:

chmod +x EasyOrg*.AppImage

and then run it with:

./EasyOrg-x.y.z.AppImage &

If the App Icon is not showing as it should on your OS, try the menu option: 'Help > Integrate New Version' which will run a script to create an EasyOrg.desktop file.


Install as a Snap by running:

sudo snap install easyorg

or got to: Snap Store

If the App Icon is not showing as it should on your OS, try running the below in your terminal: sudo cp /snap/easyorg/current/meta/gui/easyorg.desktop /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/easyorg_easyorg.desktop

Trouble Shooting

If you get a similar message as below:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"

Then you need to install the appmenu gtk modules like so:

sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk2-module appmenu-gtk3-module

If the cursor in the editor is not aligned with the text when you type then you can try to change the font family used. Go to the Settings and change the font to something else. It could be caused by the fact that your computer does not have the necessary font installed.

Adding Content

Now you are ready to start typing text in the editor, adding TODOs via GUI, checking the Agenda and much more.

A good starting point is to try out the example file. You can download it here or you can find it inside EasyOrg in the menu 'Help -> Org Example File'. You will see a modal with Org formatted text. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button and paste the content into a new empty file.

You can configure EasyOrg by changing the settings. Please refer to the settings page for more.

Continue by reading the overview