Org Syntax Validation / Org linting

Sometimes it can happen that the Org syntax is wrong and this could mean that the rendering does not turn out the way you would expect.

For example if you write the scheduling wrong, for example omit the ':' after SCHEDULING, then the Todo would not get an active schedule assigned to it.

EasyOrg offers a basic Org syntax checker (org linter) which you can use to validate your Org mode file. Simply select 'Help -> Validate Org Syntax' from the app menu.

If there are potential errors with the syntax then you will be presented with a list which indicates the error and on which line in the editor you can find it. This makes it easy to find and correct your syntax errors.

Just because an error is highlighted does not necessarily mean there is an error or that the rendering in the preview/agenda is wrong, but in many cases it means there is something wrong.

We will over time build out this Org mode validator to catch even more syntax errors.

A great way to avoid syntax errors in the first place is to use the Add and Edit user interface as well as the other tools provided by the EasyOrg UI.