What is EasyOrg

EasyOrg is a plain text editor which support structured text (using Org mode). EasyOrg extracts any todos you have in the text-file and presents them in a separate view where you can sort out what you need.

The EasyOrg Concept

The main idea behind EasyOrg is that it should make it easy to use Org mode. Similarly to Org it should help you with managing things you need to do, i.e. handling TODO lists as well as taking notes. Compared to many other todo apps, EasyOrg is typically focused on larger tasks, and more complex todos. It's not about shopping lists or simple household chores.

The power of EasyOrg shows when you need to write a bit longer todo descriptions and when you want to mix todos with other general notes and text, but at the same time be able to get an overview picture of what has to be done and when. EasyOrg helps you to easily extract and get an overview of all the todos in your notes and it helps you priorities between all the things you have to do. It helps you get a better feel for how to take your project forward.

While using EasyOrg to handle your projects you also get statistics about your progress and you can see that you are progressing which gives you extra motivation.

In addition you also get great and search-able documentation for future reference thanks to detailed todos and well described closing notes, all in plain text.

Your todos can be spread out throughout your document and thanks to the powerful Agenda-view you can quickly see all the todos, sliced and diced as you want, with a focus on the important stuff that needs to be done.

You can use EasyOrg by using the editor for input and editing or you can stick to using only the graphical user interface (GUI) together with the Agenda.

As everything is stored in a text file, you can easily sync to any device. You can also easily make backups. File versioning can also be done.

You can read more about different ways to use EasyOrg and workflows on the blog.