Assigning and Delegating Tasks in org mode

May 24, 2023

It's common that you want to delegate a tasks or assign it to a certain person. This could be the person who is supposed to do the actual task or it migh be that you wait for another person to accomplish something before you can proceed with this particular task.

In those cases it's valueable to be able to assign a person to a task. But how would you do that using Org mode? One option is to add a tag. You could prefix the tag with an '@' symbol or a '#' symbol to indicate it's a person related tag.

* TODO Here is my task related to a specific user.    :@steve:

You could then assign several persons by adding several tags.

Another option is to add a property called for example 'DELEGATED' and give it a value of the name of the person it's delegated or assigned to. It could look as follows:

:DELEGATED: Steve, Martin

In this case we have delegated the task to two persons by separating the names with a comma.

Wether you used the tag method or the properties method you can now use the EasyOrg search functionality to find all tasks delegated to a certain user.

Simply search using either the tag based search:


or use the properties search:


If you now have a call with Steve you can quickly find if there are any outstanding issues you depend on Steve and you can bring that up during the call or copy the information and send it in an email.

These are just two options of how you can delegate tasks using org mode and EasyOrg. You can adapt it to your personal taste.

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