EasyOrg Usage Tips

June 14, 2022

Below we describe a few simple practical tips you can apply when using Org mode with EasyOrg.

  • If you have made some modifications, but you want to undo them, you can use the editors undo functionality (Ctrl-Z).

  • If you are in GUI mode you might wonder how you can copy a Todo into another org-file. The easiest way is to simply open the editor panel and copy the Todo text and then paste it into the other file.

  • Use Ctrl-Tab to switch between two files.

  • If you are editing a Todo via the GUI modal, but want to see another Todo at the same time, then you can scroll it into view in the agenda. You can even search in the agenda while the GUI is open. If the Add/Edit modal is covering the text, then you can drag the modal around with the mouse.

  • If you want to easily go back and forth between different Todos you have edited or previously looked at, then use the history back/forward buttons. A todo is saved to the history when you click on it in the agenda or if you add or edit it.

  • You can create a link target to a Todo by selecting 'Create and Copy ID' from the context menu. A CUSTOM_ID property will be added to it and a formatted link will be created on the clipboard. You can now paste it into another Todo and a link to the former Todo is now visible.

  • If you have a large file with many Todos, then you should avoid showing the Done todos (by having the Done todo toggle on (red)). As there might be many Done todos the overall performance might improve if you hide them.

  • No need to spend time putting the Todos in any particular order in the text file. You find them and sort them in the agenda. Just place them under a proper heading such as 'Todos'. That's it.

  • It's possible to use an external editor to edit your Org files. You can use the EAsyOrg Agenda in parallel to easily review the Agenda. EasyOrg will notice changes to the file from outside and update accordingly. In case you have changed the file within EasyOrg and then from the external editor then you will get a question if you want to reload or not.

  • Avoid giving the highest priority to most Todos. Only give a few, say 20%, the A priority. If the A list starts to get empty you will probably find some new ones during the next review of all Todos.

  • Three priority levels is sometimes too little for big projects. Four seems to be a good tradeoff, i.e. priorities from A-D.

  • If you want to note down the latest status of a Todo you can write it at the bottom after a '- STATUS:' tag. This way you can more easily see it. You can also add several status updates like that and then add a passive timestamp to it so that you know when you wrote it. E.g.: '- STATUS [2022-07-07 Thu 18:25]:'.

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