Emacs Org mode Users Have Higher IQ. EasyOrg to the Rescue for the Rest of Us

November 10, 2022

Have you ever tried to use Emacs Org mode to keep track of your tasks and projects, but you got stuck using Emacs? Do you have difficulties remembering all the key-combinations to arrange your text and todos, show the Agenda, sort and filter and all of the other good stuff? It might be that your IQ is not on par with the Emacs power users. Or you might just not have enough fingers and toes to press all the keys required for that specific command you need.

Whatever it is that makes you struggle with Emacs, don't let it stand in your way of using the fantastic Org markup language. The powerful markup language for TODO lists, project planning and events management.

There is an alternative to Emacs and it is called EasyOrg. An editor where most of your typing results in text and not cryptic keystroke commands to talk to Emacs.

EasyOrg is not only an editor, but a user interface for entering your TODOs and notes as well as a powerful Agenda view and Preview.

You can feel right at home and you can use your mouse and a human friendly GUI to navigate the software (although keyboard shortcuts are supported ;)).

If one day your IQ would increase and your hands would grow a few more fingers then you can just take the Org files you created with EasyOrg and migrate to Emacs.

One day, maybe one day, I will do it too, but not today. EasyOrg; the smart choice.

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