Habit Tracking

November 14, 2023

Habit Tracking

Below is a simple example of a document you can use to track habits.

Write a new heading for each time you perform the thing you want to habit track. On the heading line add an active timestamp within '<>' brackets. You can also add a tag for the habit. This way you can distinguish and sort based on the tag.

In the body you can add a short comment about how it went if you want.

For example like so:

* Habit tracking - Running

** <2023-11-17> :walked:
My knee needed some rest.

** <2023-11-16> :ran:
Sunny. Felt great.

** <2023-11-14> :ran:

With this is place you can search and filter in the preview view. For example search using dates:

The last two weeks of running: e.ge.-2w t.running

You can also check in the Agenda view and its Calendar view specifically where you can browse through the events on a weekly basis.

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