Task Dependencies

December 18, 2023

Task Dependencies

There is no truly dedicated and built-in way to handle task dependencies in org mode or in EasyOrg however you can handle it in a somewhat manual fashion as suggested here.

Task dependencies means that a task cannot be started until one or more other tasks have been done.


The solution is simple. In your task C that depends on other tasks A and B to be done before it, write down in a list in task C the tasks it depends on and add a link to each task.

This is inside task C
Depends on the following tasks to be done first:
- [ ] Do task A [[link-to-task-A]]
- [ ] Do task B [[link-to-task-B]]

Now, if you look in task C you directly see that you have to make task A and task B. Yopu can also se if one or all of them are marked as done. You can also easily follow the link to see the details of that task. If you hover over the link you will also see the heading text shown.

The tasks we link to (A and B in this case) will also each have a backlink to task C so there will be an automatic liniking in the other direction as well. It makes it easier when you look at them that there is another task depending on them.

This is a simple and effective way of handling dependencies and keeping track of inter-linked tasks.

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