Using the Calendar View to Create Weekly Reports

March 25, 2021

Using the Calendar View to Create Weekly Reports

Struggling to write your weekly report? Do you feel dragged down by the thought of having to write the weekly report for your boss again? With EasyOrg it's easy. You have a solid overview for yourself and all what you need is there. No more forgetting what you did. No more feeling you have nothing to show for. Everything is already fully documented in EasyOrg. No more stress last thing on friday afternoon or monday morning.

Here we will show you how you can use EasyOrg to quickly write your weekly report.

The steps involved

At work or when working in a team it is common to have to write a report where you summarize your progress during the past week. You typically write one on Friday afternoon or on Monday and send to your boss or your team.

A weekly report typically consists of:

  1. A list of things you did during the week.
  2. A bit about the progress and successes.
  3. Some issues you have encountered or road blocks.
  4. A few words about what the coming week has in store.
  5. A few data points depending on your field (sales numbers, supports stats, financials, technical stats etc).

Oftentimes the most difficult thing when writing your weekly report is to remember what you actually did, and the details involved. Writing it down in the report is the easy part.

As it turns out, EasyOrg can help you with all the listed items above except the last which typically has to come from another system such as ERP, CRM or Git.

Use the Weekly Calendar View

As EasyOrg tracks all the tasks you have accomplished including details about how and any specific obstacles it's easy to just go to the Calendar View and find all the basic data for your weekly report.

You can easily scroll between the weeks depending on which week you are writing the reoort for. Look through the DONE todos and pick the ones you want to report to your boss, add or remove some text if you need to clean it up for public consumption.

If you have TODOs which you could not finish during the past week, you can also bring them up in the report if you need to bring up specific road blocks you might need help with or that needs escalation.

Try to highlight one or two positive outcomes and one or two less good things you escpecially want to bring forward.

The last step is to look at the current week (click the Today button) to pick out a few things you might want to bring up related to the things you will be working on this week.

More advanced searches

Sometimes it can be useful to search on other dates than purely by week. You can do that in one of the other agenda view for example the Agenda or List view.

You can for example search for tasks which you closed in the last two weeks tagged as project1: t.project1

If you write all your meetings notes in a file and you add an active timestamp (event) to each note (mark it with <2023-11-03> somewhere in the header or body) then you could for example search for all events greater than or equal (ge) to one week ago (-1w): (you could also use -7d for days instead of weeks)

If you maybe have scheduled meetings in the future which you want to exclude then you can limit the search into the future like below:

This way you can not only search your tasks by dates, but also your notes.

Other Sources

It's likely that not everything you have done are in your TODO lists, so it's a good idea to look at a few other places. Depending on your field of work this data might come from your email system, your recently used files in Excel or Word, your Git source control system or maybe your ERP.

And finally, don't forget to pull any numbers or statistics you might need from any company specific systems you have.


Thanks to logging everything that needs to be done and everything that has been done, including related notes, it's very easy to get everything summarized on one screen thanks to the EasyOrg Calendar View.

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