EasyOrg and Org mode related posts

Every now and then we write about topics related to Org mode, EasyOrg, productivity tools and workflows as well as how to organize Todos and notes using plain text files.


Capturing data from Mobile into your org-mode Capture File

February 16, 2024

It's easy to capture notes and ideas that come up while you are on the run. Use your phone to write down your notes in your designated file and sync it with Syncthing.


Task Dependencies

December 18, 2023

We describe a simple way to handle task dependencies using org mode and EasyOrg.

Habit Tracking

November 14, 2023

An easy way to track you habits using org mode and follow up using filters.


Assigning and Delegating Tasks in org mode

May 24, 2023

It's common that you want to delegate a tasks or assign it to a certain person. This could be the person who is supposed to do the actual task or it migh be that you wait for another person to accomplish something before you can proceed with this particular task.

Meeting Notes using Text Files and Org-mode

January 3, 2023

Using text files for your meeting notes have several benefits. While in a meeting, you can quickly write down your notes, even if you are offline with no internet access. By structuring your notes using org-mode you get a formatted text including date and time management, priorities, tags and more. All easily searchable using for example EasyOrg. We show you how in this post.

A PKM System using org-mode and EasyOrg

December 22, 2022

A PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) system is basically a tool which helps storing and organizing data or knowledge. Typically the base of the knowledge is stored as words in plain text. The text can be enhanced with images, diagrams etc. Other key features of a PKM system is that you can link between content as well as being able to search the content.

Clocking and Time Tracking using org-mode and EasyOrg

December 16, 2022

Sometimes it's important to track the time you wok on certain tasks. Org-mode allows you to use a few different ways to achieve the above, either by storing clocking data in a LOGBOOK drawer or by using properties. There is also flexibility in how you want to organize it.


How I Use Org Mode to Keep Track of Projects and Tasks

November 14, 2022

Below is a brief description of a workflow I like to use to organize the tasks for a project. This workflow works well for larger projects which span over a period of say a month to several years.

Emacs Org mode Users Have Higher IQ. EasyOrg to the Rescue for the Rest of Us

November 10, 2022

Have you ever tried to use Emacs Org mode to keep track of your tasks and projects, but you got stuck using Emacs? Do you have difficulties remembering all the key-combinations to arrange your text and todos, show the Agenda, sort and filter and all of the other good stuff? It might be that

Use Org mode as an Inline Calculator and Notepad Calculator

October 7, 2022

If you want to perform some simple calculations you can simply use an Org table and a calc formula. You can also perform notepad type calculations.